FreeMind is a free mind mapping application written in Java which runs on Microsoft Windows, Mac OS and Linux operating systems. I successfully installed in my Fedora 12 desktop. The following is the detailed steps.

1. Install Java Runtime Environment (JRE):
FreeMind requires pure Sun's Java Runtime Environment. Please refer this link to install Sun's JRE.

2. Add New Yum Repository:
First become root, create a temporary directory and CD to it.

There is a broken dependency at the moment in the SVG plugin so do this:

rpm --import
rpm --oldpackage -ivh

Now download all the rpms you want for freemind and put them in your temporary root directory.

There is no fedora support 10 and we are missing packages we need so.we will enable the generic repositories.

curl | awk '/-generic/,/^$/ { sub("enabled=0","enabled=1"); print }' >/etc/yum.repos.d/jpackage17.repo

3. Install the Freemind:
yum --nogpgcheck -y localinstall freemind-*.rpm

Remove the temporary directory you made and start freemind :)

For more information about FreeMind and its installation, please visit:

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