About FTP

FTP is short for File Transfer Protocol, this page contains additional information about the FTP command and help using that command in Unix and MS-DOS (Windows). See our FTP section in our dictionary for a complete definition on FTP.

Windows FTP

From the MS-DOS prompt or shell type in FTP, once typed in you will have access to the FTP command line. In this command line type:

open ftp.address.domain

Where address is the name of the server and the domain is the domain such as .COM, .NET... In addition, the IP address can be typed in, such as

Once connected you will be asked for a username and password; if done successfully, you will have access to transfer files between computers.

Unix FTP

Unix FTP is used much like Windows; from a command prompt or shell, type in FTP, from FTP you should be able to log into a server, providing you have the proper access.

FTP Commands

Depending upon the version of FTP and the operating system being used, each of the below commands may or may not work. Generally typing -help or a ? will list the commands available to you.


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