My environment:
OS: Windows XP
Web Server: IIS 5
.NET Framework: 1.1
IDE: Visual Studio 2003

After moving or copying my code directory, when I tried to open the solution in the Visual Studio 2003, I got an error: "Unable to get the project file form the Web server" as following screenshot.

Unable to get the project file from the Web server

The reason is the Visual Studio cannot open the project file, which is http://localhost/projectName.csproj. I checked all settings of the IIS and permission of files and found nothing was wrong. After several hours struggling, I finally figured out following solution.

I deleted the all files under VSWebCache folder which is under C:\Documents and Settings\my_user_name\. The screenshot is as below. The possible reason is when I copied or moved the code folder, the previously generated runtime chache conflicts with the new code folder's location.

Clear the VSWebCache

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