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When deciding on a web hosting company bigger isn’t always better. Your sites importance to search engines can be over 30 percent higher if you go with a small, but reliable web host. I’ve seen  articles about this, but most got way too technical.

When you have links going to your site (called backlinks) search engines like Google usually give your site more importance. The problem is when you get links from a web site that shares the same class C block, and then you get no boost in search engine ranking from those sites. They see you’re hosted on the same ISP, and it’s too easy to game the system by putting 100 domains linking to each other that way.

All web sites have an IP address, which is just their location on the internet and a typical number would be (which is for Godaddy.com). The red part is the class C section, and links from any other web sites with that same number will not count towards your Google ranking. With a place like Godaddy.com which has a 35% market share in the hosting business, that can be a LOT of sites you never get credit from even if they link to yours.

That’s why I recommend going with a smaller host with less than 5% market share, and using different ones for each domain you’re hosting (if you plan on linking them to each other). Of course the downside is if you have a lot of domains, having ten different hosting accounts can be a hassle. It’s really no more expensive, since many places charge in the $5 a month range.

Also one thing to consider is if you post on dofollow blogs (like this one) or are trying for a top commenter spot on a really popular site (to get the dofollow link that plugin provides), I’d check to see which host they are on to make sure it’s not the same as yours or the effort will be wasted. To check easily there’s a Class C checker herewhere you can enter in the URL’s without having to look each one up by hand.

Some of the ones I like that are dependable but don’t have the Godzilla market share that Godaddy has are:

FatCow Web Hosting The thing that’s unique is their servers are all powered by wind generated electricity and the $5 a year plan for placeholding a domain with email. They recently lowered their full hosting package down to $5.50 a month which is in line with all the others. This has been verified they don’t share netblocks with Godaddy.

JustHost They have $3.95 a month hosting and no limits on transfers or disk space for sites. They are on their own class C, again not shared with Godaddy. They also offer a transfer plan to make it easier to move an existing domain. While not as eco friendly as Fatcow, they do offer a more generous plan for less money.

In the next article, I’ll go over dofollow blogs and how to find them. Also the most popular commenter plugin which can really help build comments on a blog. I only comment on blogs that have one or the other or you get no link credit for the time you spent posting. Also for bloggers I’ll cover deep linking as well this week.  More on that next time.

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